Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dawgs beat UNC-Asheville

Travis Leslie is a player. The guy is so athletic and crafty around the basket. If he ever gets his free-throw-line-extended game going, he will really be a force in the SEC.

Trey Thompkins looked great handling the ball. Free throws and 3-pointers looked incredibly smooth.

Albert Jackson had a few nice plays off of offensive rebounds.

Surprise of the game? Ricky McPhee. Had a career high night as a Bulldog. He can shoot the ball. He is not a tall 2-guard, so he will struggle having to defend the other team's best scorer. Likewise, if McPhee is guarded by a really good defender, it will be tough for him to get going.

Even still, McPhee doesn't need much time or space to get his 3-point shots up and toward the basket. It was good to see his confidence restored.

My overall impression is that I like what Fox is doing. Against UNC-Asheville, you can really see the concepts being implemented. Some full-court pressure or 3-quarter court pressure. Players cutting to the basket.

Georgia will lose some games we shouldn't, and win some games that we shouldn't. We're 2 and 2. Hopefully the team will improve every game and we can start to build a winner.

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