Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have no fear, Underdog is Here!

Will miracles never cease.

Andruw Jones has a three-homer night. The guy goes from superman his first year, to something like the Pillsbury Doughboy later on. I wasn't expecting much from Jones, since he hadn't shown the discipline to get his weight down or to lay off the curve balls thrown just off the plate.

But the guy is quietly resurrecting his career down in Texas. Hitting .250. That's enough if you have power to hit home runs. Now I don't know why a catcher would call a first-pitch fast ball against Jones, but that's another matter. If Jones shows opposing pitchers he can still hit the long ball, he has more of a chance to stay ahead in the count and wait on a good pitch to hit.

Looks like Jones, the underdog, is back.

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