Friday, May 15, 2009

Delwan Graham Dismissed from LSU

Caught me by surprise. I had expected Graham to do well on the college scene. Somewhat of a "tweener," sure, but he was touted as a player who could make an impact through his effort.

LSU Coach Trent Johnson will have to really coach this year. I was impressed with what Johnson was able to do as a first-year coach, coming in and winning the SEC.

Coach Johnson's accomplishment should be kept in context, though. When LSU dismissed Coach John Brady, Coach Johnson got the benefit of a full roster, stocked with seniors. He was set up pretty well.

Now, the five seniors have graduated, and Tasmin Mitchell has declared for the draft. Assuming that Mitchell does not return, LSU will not have much to work with, and I anticipate that they will have a "first to worst" quality season.

Give Coach Johnson credit. In dismissing Graham, Coach Johnson is sticking with his principles. He will not carry players who violate team rules, even when his roster is already thin. He should be advised, however, that despite having an SEC championship under his belt, the memories of fans are short.

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