Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dawgs Lose to Western Kentucky.

As indicated by the post from earlier today, things turned out about as I expected.

UGA doesn't have the strength at point guard. I believe point guard is the most critical position on the roster when a team plays an away game.

If our point guards go 5 for 15, and make poor decisions/unforced turnovers to boot, we're not going to win.

Dustin Ware will eventually be a clutch player for Georgia. I really believe it. But judging from his stats and what I could tell from the radio, he just didn't get it done against Western Kentucky.

Might need to shake up the line-up. Jackson didn't give us much. Thompkins might be ready to start. Thompkins starting off the beginning of the game and at the half might help us avoid the extended cold spells.

It also sounds like Chris Barnes has earned more minutes, in spite of the fact that he missed a few important free throws. Barnes is not as tall as Jackson, but he plays bigger than his size.

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