Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Should Georgia Have Midnight Madness?

Okay. I wrote last Tuesday on how Tevester Anderson was having a "Midnight Madness" practice at Jackson State, and I asked the question why the idea never caught on at Georgia.

In the meantime, various posters have opined on message boards whether Georgia should have one, and why they don't do so now. I don't have enough information to say definitively one way or the other, but the following article makes a couple of points very well:

1) A number of programs are doing it.

2) It can be a lot of fun.

I guess it can get old, too, if you don't have new ideas, but that's why you have sports marketing people.


Georgia will have an open practice on November 3, according to one program supporter. We have something to celebrate with the SEC Tournament Championship, and the students probably would enjoy a free, fun event, with no alcohol.

Madness has my vote.

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